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09 January 2017 @ 03:12 pm


I wonder if takky and tsuba have recent activity that I haven't updates!

I miss them since I watch JCD...

Can anybody help me to keep up to dates?

Thank you in advance <3

05 November 2016 @ 01:10 pm
Hello fellow Tackey and Tsubasa fans, I am giving a long running university based survey for international Johnny's fans. I hope you will all take it and help me spread the word about it! here is the link:https://t.co/pmZBwRaaTv
12 September 2016 @ 11:59 pm


Please, anyone know where has this dvd, YOU wa Nanishini? Tackey & Tsubasa CONCERT Sokoni Takitsuba ga Watashi wo Matteiru Shogatsu wa Tokyo Osaka e, to download? I really want to watch this concert 😊

Thank you! 💖

Good news~

Last time I shared this show and it's raw. But thankyou to Takki.us for subbing this show (^.^)
It's really fun watching their Golden Era (///o///)

You can download it from Takki.us website (here)
Enjoy! :D

05 September 2016 @ 09:37 pm
Sorry but did someone know what show and what date this is?
Or did someone have this show? (^_^;)

Thankyou before~ :)
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Last week I saw clip on instagram and twitter Sakurai Sho & Tackey reunited
Now I already found it on youtube (^o^) and it's full and HQ

This is raw, I hope someone will sub it *-*
But don't worry, it's still fun to watch even you don't understand it lol there is so many clip from jr's era
*There's ads in that video, I'm looking for the one without ads but it's LQ. So I will share the one with HQ with ads hehe*

Enjoy (^.^)v
14 July 2016 @ 11:47 am
Last time I said that I have Hatachi disc 1 subbed. Actually it's same with the one hikabunny uploaded. So I just share the softsub here for anyone who want the sub.
But unfortunately this sub just for the Yokohama Arena ^^; sorry.

Download @MF
Did someone have tackey summer concert 2010 ~You mo kityaina yo tackey resort~ and tackey solo concert 2005 ~Arigatou 2005nen Sayonara~?
And if someone have T&T Haru-con can you give me the link? :) i have been search those concert for long time ago, but i never find it. I find haru-con, but the link are dead or the owner deleted the post on LJ.

Can you help me? ^^; sorry for too many request
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had some of the shows that aired around the time Tsubasa was doing some 2014 Burn the Floor promos?

  • Saturday Chubaw - I never saw this around even as a stream >_< He's blond in this one.

  • Forgot the title, but it had Carribbean in it XD It was Tsubasa meeting with the Burn the Floor cast on a ship or something, kind of like the part 2 to that Singapore episode!

  • General BTF 2014 news. I'm particularly interested in one with footage with Tsubasa and Janette performing Club le Narcisse. I feel like that's the only one I haven't seen, of the news/promos >_<

I was waiting for these when it was recent, but I never saw links for them..

I don't have much of a bribe list, but ask me if I have anything and if I do I will be happy to share O_O Thank you!

Crossposted from 2wenty_2wo so sorry if you got this twice!
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10 January 2016 @ 10:11 pm
Heeey there~!
T&T finished they're "YOU wa Nani Shi ni? Tackey & Tsubasa CONCERT Soko ni TakiTsuba ga Watashi o Matteiru Shogatsu wa Tokyo Osaka e" Concerts
("What are YOU here for? Tackey & Tsubasa CONCERT. TakiTsuba are waiting for me there at the first month in Tokyo and Osaka". Johnny came up with this. I met pretty much no fan who was able to recite this)
short: "Shinshun Cons" in Yokohama (which is not Tokyo btw) on January 3rd and 4th, and Osaka on January 6th and 7th.

I posted more photos at my tumblr. Since I obviously don't have a scanner these are all photos so I'm sorry for the quality.

Many many many things happened and I'm sorry but I won't write a full report here, so here are just some random facts:

The set list was pretty much the same for all days except for the last day which had an tripple encore. This was kind of different to the Futari Tabi tour, during which they often changed the set list a little bit but I guess it's harder to do this for Arena cons
[Set List]
Yume Monogatari (夢物語)
Aishitsukusu 2016 (愛し尽くす2016)
Hey Now! (Hey Now!)
Hadaka no MIND (裸のMIND)
Sora no Screen (空のスクリーン-rainbow in my soul-)
Viva Viva Moore (ビバビバモーレ)
We are the T&T
Bokura no Escape (僕らのエスケイプ)
Sora Sora wo (ソラソラヲ)
Densha ni Notte (電車に乗って)
Pendulum Love (ペンデュラム・ラブ)
Serenade (セレナーデ)
Kamen (仮面)
Koi Uta (恋詩)
Chance to Dance (Tsubasa Solo)
Forever Kimi wo... (Takki Solo) (forever 君を…)
to be, or not to be
Ho! Summer (Ho!サマー)
Yamanote-sen Uchimawari~Ai no Meiro~ (山手線内回り~愛の迷路~)
Yamanote-sen Sotomawari (山手線外回り)
Ai wa Takaramono (愛はタカラモノ)
Love Spiral (ラブ・スパイラル)
Journey Journey~Bokura no no Mirai~ (Journey Journey~ボクラノミライ~)

One Day, One Dream

Double Encore:
Crazy Rainbow
Nee (ねぇ)

Tripple Encore (Osaka last):
Hey! Listen to the Music
Our Song

Goods, of which I would have never thought these will ever exist:
Read more...Collapse )
Which was funny because at first it was said that there is going to be one uchiwa which got changed before the cons to 2 uchiwas. So everyone assumed that the unit uchiwas was made into 2 solo uchiwas. But nope, 2 unit uchiwas.

The Yokohama Arena con on the 4th got recorded! And they kept saying "DVD" and "VHS" because Tsubasa is a dick and made fun of Takki in the beginning so that he ended up saying it's gonna be a VHS with approximate 30min. I guess there has never been a concert at which people were less excited to hear about an actual recording^^; In fact, the last Con DVD was of the Our Future cons in 2011. The 10th Anniversary wasn't released even though it was a 10th ANNIVERSARY. And what followed were DVDs as extras for singles with the concerts being cut into ~25min.

At the end of this month some sort of Butai/Musical? with Tsubasa about flamenco will be announced. That's all we know.

As they announced during one Futari Tabi con, their mothers came to see the 2nd YokoAri con. This was pretty much the main topic of the MC. Which led to Tsubasa formally asking Takki's mother for "Hideaki-kun's" hand. This happened. Sadly I didn't know her reaction at that moment. Takki's was: He was pointing at the aisle in front of them that goes to the middle stage and said "The aisle looks like a virgin road to me" (the aisle in wedding ceremony)
The rest of the MC part they kept chasing each other on stage and backstage which was one of the cutest things EVER. SO WE NEED THIS DVD TO HAPPEN.

More random things under the cutCollapse )

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